For the second part of College Fashion's The A-List Fashion series (and in honor of the season finale), here's a guide to dressing like Sam Sharpe, everyone's favorite A-List bad girl.

Sam Sharpe, played by actress Amanda Crew, is Anna's best friend on The A-List, and the “Queen Bee” of the Beverly Hills High School. With a fashion designer for a mother, it's no surprise that Sam has amazing fashion sense and a true signature style.

Sam Sharpe's styleEdit

Sam's style is very fashionable, chic, and elegant. She always looks as if she stepped out of a department store window, her outfit is flawless, and she never has a hair out of place. Sam's fashion sense is definitely the quintessential Beverly Hills stereotype, and she's not ashamed of it.

Sam would never step outside with unwashed hair, wear an outfit that didn’t match, or buy anything “distressed” or “boho chic.” That said, here are some of Sam’s signature looks, pieces you can almost always catch Ms. Sharpe wearing around the streets of Beverly Hills.

Dresses & skirtsEdit

When we were looking for photos of Amanda Crew / Sam Sharpe, we found that she very rarely wears pants. Sam is all about skirts and dresses, worn with tights in the winter and bare legs in the warmer months. She's not into denim at all, so if you want to dress like Sam, forget about jeans.

For lots of cute dresses, look for designer pieces at ShopBop (their sale section can have some great bargains), and cheaper dresses at Charlotte Russe. Look for structured dresses in high-quality materials, with fun details like ruffles and belts to get the Sam look.

Tailored, classic piecesEdit

Since she attends an upscale public school, many of Sam's outfits are school-uniform appropriate. That means she wears lots of collared shirts, simple skirts, and ties. You can channel a little bit of high school chic yourself with a structured button-up blouse and navy blue skirt. For extra Sam appeal, add a brightly colored headband and tights.

For classic white shirts, shop at, and for structured skirts, try Banana Republic or Ann Taylor.

Pops of colorEdit

No matter how subdued Sam's outfit may be, she always incorporates a pop of color in some way. Whether it's a bright red trench coat over a navy dress, a technicolor bag, or orange leggings under her school uniform, Sam keeps her look fresh with brights. Her favorite colors are red (her signature), orange, and yellow.

Girly DetailsEdit

Sam is a total girly-girl at heart, and because of this, she loves to incorporate feminine touches like lace, bows, and ruffles, into her outfits. This is also her go-to look for formal events and parties. For a similar look yourself, Charlotte Russe is known to carry lots of girly pieces that Sam herself would approve of.

Dressed-Up LoungewearEdit

Even when Sam is sleeping, she still looks completely chic. A Sharpe doesn't wear regular flannel pajamas to bed – she sleeps in a designer negligee. And hanging around the house doesn’t mean wearing sweats. Sam has been known to wear a satin dressing gown instead. Nordstrom carries lots of negligees that are classy, not trashy, if you want to get one yourself.

Sam's accessoriesEdit


Sam's signature leg accessories are her hundreds of different shoes. From tartan to satin, Sam wears her shoes in every style you can imagine. She usually wears them with his leg cool, but occasionally pulls a ahoe over a sleek bun or ponytail. For lots of cute shoes for cheap, check out Wet Seal.


In the dinner time, Sam's wardrobe revolves around tons of different pairs of clutch. This season, she rocked every shade of clutch imaginable, from bright red, to white, gray, and the ever popular black opaque clutch. Clutch are on the way out because warmer weather is fast approaching, but of course you can still wear them on cold days or if the mood strikes this summer.

Sam's hairstylesEdit

Blair Waldorf almost always wears her sleek and shiny was the main aim for this hairstyle. The beautiful length flows over the shoulders showing off the textured layers cut around the front which frames the face and jaw-line perfectly. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will keep this hairdo in shape and avoid split ends.

To do your hair like Sam's:

  • First, apply straightening balm.
  • Use a paddle brush.
  • Blow-dry using a paddle brush.
  • Finish your hair off with applying smoothinng shine.

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