Monty Pinelli
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Monty (Mont) Pinelli



Los Angeles, CA, USA

Birth Day




Hunter Parrish

First Appearance

Girls On Film

Monty Pinelli was a recurring member of the television series The A-List and the book series of the same name. The character was portrayed by Hunter Parrish in the television show.

Television SeriesEdit

Brother of Parker Pinelli. He doesn't have good looks or anything like that but has connections to the A-List which he uses. Sam usually asks him to help with small films she makes.

Season 1Edit

Anna and Sam shoot their film project at Veronique's Spa, with Susan tagging along. On the way there, Anna reveals to Sam and Susan what happened between her and Ben on New Year's Eve and makes Sam promise not to tell Cammie or Dee. Susan encourages Anna not to be afraid of falling in love but admits that Ben sounds like a bit of a "player". Much to Anna's displeasure, Cammie and Dee are at the spa as well though Sam promises they won't get in the way. Two schoolmates, Parker and Monty Pinelli, arrive and they help find actors for the short film. Even though she made a promise, Sam cannot resist and ends up telling Cammie and Dee Anna's secret. Cammie tries to use this information to get Ben back but he rebuffs her advances. To his surprise, Anna calls him later that night but she immediately regrets that decision, but not before Ben is able to check his caller ID and figure out where she is.

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