The A-List is a series of young adult novels by Zoey Dean. The series, about a group of rich friends who live in Beverly Hills, has ten books, with the first eponymous novel being released under the Little, Brown imprint Poppy. A spin-off series with new characters titled The A-List: Hollywood Royalty was released in January 2009. It has also been adapted into a TV series airing on The CW and CTV.


The books are published by Alloy Entertainment and distributed by Little, Brown and Company and Bloomsbury Publishing. The complete series has been published in paperback with the last book a prequel, California Dreaming, published in hardcover.

  1. The A-List
  2. Girls on Film
  3. Blonde Ambition
  4. Tall Cool One
  5. Back in Black
  6. Some Like It Hot
  7. American Beauty
  8. Heart of Glass
  9. Beautiful Stranger
  10. California Dreaming


1. California Dreaming

The series has spawned three spin-offs: ;Spin-offs

  1. The A-List: Hollywood Royalty
  2. The A-List: Sunset Boulevard
  3. The A-List: City of Angels came out March 8, 2010

Central CharactersEdit

Anna Percy

From Upper East Side in Manhattan, moves to Los Angeles to finish her senior year and then apply for an internship. She is a serious girl, who frequently refers to the imaginary "This Is How We Do Things Big Book, East Coast WASP Edition" - a set of rules she grew up with in her patrician family. Her parents are divorced, and her father lives alone in Los Angeles, part of the reason why Anna moved. She is a leggy, blonde patrician beauty, and best friends with Cyn. She is often referred to as being a tight-ass, and always playing safe. She had gone to prep schools and gotten very good grades. She is usually strict about trust, but knows her way around people. She is a gifted screenwriter, as said by Sam Sharpe. She met Sam at a wedding that Ben Birnbaum, the love of her life, took her to. She believes in doing the right thing, even when it may get her into trouble at times. Anna is a good person at heart and knows that even though she may not like Cammie she should still be nice to her because Sam is one of her best friends and she knows that Sam is Cammie's friend.

Sam Sharpe

Daughter of Jackson Sharpe, aka "America's Most Beloved Action Star". She is often nicknamed Sam or Sammy. She has many insecurities with her physical figure, as she is noted as a size 10. Sam is a brunette with brown eyes. She can think of herself as being only attractive and never beautiful. A famous client of Dr. Fred, who she fired after being rejected in a time of need. She hates her stepmother, Poppy and is dismayed when Dee befriends her. She had a character crisis when she thought she might be lesbian, having a "crushette" on Anna. She has been very close to Anna, and they shot a short film together. She always feels inadequate and overweight standing next to Cammie or Dee. She has also been in love with Ben since she was thirteen but does not tell her friends as he is Cammie's ex. It has been said that she is not as promiscuous as Cammie, but has had her share of getting laid. She also attends Beverly Hills High with Anna.

Cammie Sheppard

Daughter of Clark Sheppard, Los Angeles' uber agent in the film industry, famous for "Hermosa Beach". Camilla is always called Cammie. She is described as the most beautiful girl but also the bitchiest. She has a size 2 figure with impossibly long legs, long strawberry blond curls, bee stung lips, wide set honey colored eyes, perky 34D breasts, and a personality to match. She has no problem defending herself, or getting what she wants. When upst about Anna's being at the wedding of Jackson Sharpe and Poppy Sinclair-Sharpe, she tore Anna's dress in the middle of the dance floor. Her father is remarried to a woman called Patrice. Her daughter, Mia, is also hated by Cammie. Her mother died a long time ago, in a freak accident, therefore forcing Cammie to make a rule - never wake up away from home, in fear she'd lose her father as well. She has been with Adam Flood and Ben Birnbaum in the series, and is said to be promiscuous.

Dee Young

Daughter of a famous music producer Graham Young. She goes by Dee and is described as flaxen haired with big blue eyes and five feet tall. She also has a size zero figure. Dee is very spiritual and was once committed to a psychiatric treatment center due to a mental dysfunction. Dee is in love with Ben but keeps it to herself as she does not want Cammie to find out. She once pretended to be pregnant with Ben's baby, after sleeping with him when he was drunk. She starred in the movie Anna and Sam made. Her favourite thing to do is make people happy, as stated in the first book when she brings Sam a dress to wear apres-ceremony. She befriends Poppy, Sam's stepmother (who is 22 and pregnant with Jackson's baby), and hears the voice of Ruby Hummingbird, the baby, in her head in Las Vegas. This leads to her being taken to Ojai Mental Health Institute.

Ben Birnbaum

Son of Dr. Dan Birnbaum, Hollywood's plastic surgeon to the stars. A very attractive student at Princeton. Once was Cammie's boyfriend but he dumped her, and now is on again/ off again with Anna Percy. Sam formerly had a huge crush on him. Also known as the three timer to Cammie Sheppard, Dee Young, and Anna Percy. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, around 6 feet, lean, rangy, and ripped. He is also very smart and sweet. He is the one Anna lost her virginity to.

Adam Flood

Moved to LA with his parents. He is an all-around nice guy with morals, unlike most people in LA. He has dark hair and blue star tattoo behind his left ear, which he scratches when he's nervous. He had a crush on Anna, and they briefly dated, but was broken hearted when she dumped him for Ben. He begins dating Cammie, and later loses his virginity to her. He spends a lot of his time playing basketball and helping Cammie find out the truth of her mother's death.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Jane Cabot Percy - Anna Percy's mother. Lives on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and goes by "This Is How We Do Things Big Book, East Coast WASP Edition". Anna has patrician features like her mother. Jane likes collecting lots of art and usually goes to Italy to do this. She is divorced from Jonathan Percy

Jonathan Percy - Anna Percy's Father. Lives in Los Angeles, where he grew up, since his divorce form Jane. Apparently has headaches and takes marijuana to help him. He ended up in Cedars Sinai with subdural hematoma. He is unpredictable according to Anna, one day he's an uptight money manager in a six-thousand-dollar hand-tailored suit and on another day he was the hippie, pot-smoking, "call-me-Jonathan" dad.

Parker Pinelli - Part of the A-List but has a big secret that they don't know. Parker is not as rich as any of the others on the A-List. On their trip to Vegas Sam finds out his secret but promises not to tell. He also bares a resemblance to James Dean and wants to be an actor when he grows up. He meets Citron Simms and starts going out with her.

Logan Creswell - Anna's lifelong friend. He goes out with Anna for a while when she goes to New York with Sam. Logan offers Anna a trip to Bali with him, she accepts but then there's a plane crash. He gets another flight to Bali and asks Anna if she wants to go with him again. She refuses this time and he goes off to Bali by himself.

Monty Pinelli - Brother of Parker Pinelli. He doesn't have good looks or anything like that but has connections to the A-List which he uses. Sam usually asks him to help with small films she makes.

Ruby Hummingbird Sinclair-Sharpe - Daughter of Jackson Sharpe and Poppy Sinclair. Sam hates her at first but then once Poppy leaves starts to like her a bit. Since the divorce of Jackson and Poppy, the custody of her is shared. Jackson Sharpe - America's favourite action star hero and father of Sam Sharpe. In the beginning he gets married to Poppy Sinclair but that ends in divorce after he finds out she's cheating on him. At the end of the series he ends up marrying his ex-wife, Dina Sharpe.

Dina Sharpe - Sam Sharpe's mother. She was married to Jackson then had a divorce then married Jackson again at the end of the series. She disappeared for a while a that had a big effect on Dina and Sam's relationship as mother and daughter but once Dina comes back into Sam's life, the relationship begins to heal.

Clark Sheppard - Cammie Sheppard's father and one of the best agents in the business. He is also feared by some people and works for Apex with Margaret Cunningham. He is married to Patrice and has a stepdaughter, Mia.

Jack Walker - Best friend of Ben Birnbaum and also goes to Princeton with him. He was Dee's blind date to the senior prom and then ends up falling in love with her. He wants to create his own reality TV show because his little sister, Margie, loves them.

Danny Bluestone - Danny is the co-producer on Hermosa Beach. He and Anna got along really well while she was working on her internship with Clark Sheppard at Hermosa Beach. They shared a few kisses but then just stay friends.

Caine Manning - Intern of Jonathan Percy and goes out with Anna for a while. Has tattoos of Botticelli on his arms and works for Jonathan in the day but at a club after hours. He breaks up with Anna after Benadette, a girl he was going out with before, asks if he wants to go out again.

Poppy Sinclair - Former wife of Jackson Sharpe and had a baby, Ruby Hummingbird Sinclair-Sharpe. She splits from Jackson after he finds out she was having an affair with her Yoga teacher Bodhi.

Cynthia "Cyn" Baltres - Anna Percy's best friend from New York. She goes out with Scott Spencer, Anna's former crush, but then breaks up with him after they don't think their relationship is anymore than physical. Has known Anna since she was five-years-old after she peed on her mother's bag at a party where Jane and Anna were at.

Scott Spencer - Anna's former crush and ex-boyfriend of Cynthia Baltres. After Scott and Cyn meet Anna in Vegas for a surprise, Anna realises that she doesn't like him anymore once she confesses to have had a crush on him when she was hypnotised. He then moves on to Tabitha in New York who Cyn and Anna don't really like but don't care if Scott goes out with her or not.

Rick Resnick - Anna's seatmate from Hell on her way from New York to L.A. He gets intimidated by Ben who comes to Anna's rescue on the plane and is forced to trade seats with him. Rick then meets Ben and Anna again Jackson Sharpe's wedding and humiliates Anna in front of the guests there.

Django Simms - Jonathan Percy's assistant and gets along with Anna. Known as a man of mystery and plays the piano really well. He has a taste for Jazz. He lives in the guesthouse at Jonathan's house and comes from Louisiana.

Citron Simms - Sister of Django Simms and is a great singer. She lives in the guesthouse with her brother Django and they both grew up with Jazz in Louisiana. She starts working as a waitress and meets Parker and Sam. She starts dating Parker near the end of the series.

Susan Percy - Anna's sister and formerly a drug and alcohol addict. She's been to rehab several times but then usually went back to having drugs and drinking. After going to the White Mountains in Arizona she goes to the Kripalu institute and gets a job there in the kitchen. She is a totally different person once her family see her again and everyone likes the new her.

Graham Young - Dee's dad and a famous music producer

Cici Young - Dee's mum and shares similar traits to Dee

Stefanie Weinstock - The A-List's enemy. Sam, Cammie and Dee let her hang out with them and taught her things that they do but once Stephanie got rich and moved schools she turned against them and used all the things they taught her to make them look bad. At the BHH and Pacific Palisades school graduation party, she ruined Anna and Ben's relationship by inviting Blythe from Princeton who Ben was seeing briefly.

Pashima Nusbaum - Best friend of Stephanie Weinstock and hosted the BHH and Pacific Palisades graduation party.Thrives on her bitchy attitude and her ability to make people feel worthless. Both her and Stephanie are hated by Cammie, Sam, and Dee.

Blythe - A student at Princeton who was "hanging out" (according to Ben) with Ben when him and Anna were confused about what they were to each other. She has a good friendship with him until Anna comes back into his life and then has to drop Blythe who thought it was more serious between them. Ben thought that he did not lead her on in anyway and that it was just the one time they had friendly sex. Ben told Anna about Blythe, though she didn't think much of it since Ben said it wasn't serious. Then she finds out that Ben had sex with Blythe at the graduation party and that messes things up between them. She also apparently dresses like she's stuck up.

Madeleine McGee - A family friend of the Birnbaum family. She used to be about 300 pounds but then she got her stomach stapled and now has a new curvy figure. She got bullied at school and still got bullied even after she got her stomach stapled. She moved from Michigan for the summer to Pacific Palisades school and is a junior there. Anna feels that Maddy has a crush on Ben but then finds out from him that she actually has a crush on Mr. Tarentella. Sam, Cammie, Anna and Dee help her get ready for prom by giving her a full makeover. She is also like a little sister to Ben who saw her grow up.

TV SeriesEdit

Main Article:The A-List (TV Series)

The TV adaptation, also titled The A-List was picked up by The CW. Josh Schwartz, the creator of The O.C., is executive producer for the project. In the show, Amber Heard plays Anna, Amanda Crew plays Sam, Hayden Panettiere plays Dee, Adam Gregory plays Adam Flood, Chelsea Kane plays Cammie Sheppard and Tom Sturridge plays Ben Birnbaum. The show is based on the books but does not follow the same story line.

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