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Con-Heir Airs on Monday April the 2nd, 8/7C on The CW.

A Little Short On Role Models Sam sees Giselle making moves on Eduardo and feels anxious, but Eduardo turns Giselle's proposal for lunch down, and stays loyal to Sam, which delights her. Anna confronts Caine and Ben simultaneously, telling them that she wants to date both of them at the same time. Caine agrees. Ben is incredulous, but eventually he kisses Anna sweetly and agrees, because he doesn't want to lose her. Catch Up Here!

In celebration of CANNA's first time commencing on April the 2nd our article for the month is the Anna-Caine Relationship. If you're ANBEN shipper, STOP READING NOW. Anyway the CANNA relationship didn't even exist in the first 2 seasons of The A-List, in fact it as the Caine versus Anna agenda, until of course the pair had solved their differences and are now hooking up and are about to do the deed. So if love your CANNA then read on. If think ANBEN FTW!! then why are you still reading? Enjoy CANNA shippers :)


Twenty-four At a small charity project in Venice, Anna throws up all over Cammie and later learns that she has food poisoning from an expired yogurt she ate for breakfast. While caring for an ailing Anna, Dee admits that people look down on her because she is short and spiritual, and that she is pregnant with Ben's baby. Dee only thinks that she is pregnant with Ben's baby, but she is not.


The competition is heating up when it comes to CHAIR and DAIR shippers, so here's the big question for you. Which Blair couple do you ship for? Don't forget to like our Facebook page!!!

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While the heat in the Relationships has just gone from simmer to boiling, which couple do you prefer?

The poll was created at 12:47 on March 17, 2012, and so far 1 people voted.

Welcome to Gossip Girl Wiki, a community fansite dedicated to the CW TV show Gossip Girl. Filmed primarily in New York and based on the series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl revolves around the privileged young adults on Manhattan's Upper East Side and the anonymous blogger Gossip Girl, who provides them with the latest rumors about their highly exclusive inner circle.


The episode synopsis for "Con-Heir": Chuck invites Jack to town to thank him for saving his life, but finds the trip doesn’t go as planned. Blair and Dan attempt to consummate their new relationship, but unexpected roadblocks get in their way. Meanwhile, Ivy finds a quite unlikely ally in William van der Woodsen in her quest to be accepted on the Upper East Side, and Nate is hopeful that a new investor will save The Spectator.


"Will Dan and Blair give sex another go?"

41% said Yes, Dair FTW.

57% said No, Derena all the way.

1% said A threesome might help.

All in all 1647 people voted!

For all you Chair or Dair shippers, there is a new poll at the bottom of the page, so vote for whatever Blair couple you ship for!!

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Spotted: B grabbing coffee at Sant Ambroeus. S also happened to be there. The 2 were not together and did not even make eye contact. Yesssssssss. D pounding away on his laptop at Café Pedler in Brooklyn. Facebooking? Tweeting? Or actually doing work? Hmm… C at Barney’s. He was picking up a scarf. Ooh, old school. <3 it. N power lunching at La Grenouille. He was there with a bunch of other media bigwigs. Aw, our little N is all grown up.

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  • Yoshi1001

    Dee Yooung

    November 16, 2012 by Yoshi1001

    Delia Young

    Daughter of well-known Music Scout 'Delia or Dee as her freinds call her is a 5"4, has a Model-Thin structure, Blue eyes, and the ability to hook-up with someone in less then 20 minutes!


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