Tom Sturridge


Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge


Lambeth, London

Date of Birth

December 21, 1985

Role on The A-List

Ben Birnbaum

Thomas Sidney Jerome "Tom" Sturridge is the actor who portrays Ben Birnbaum in the CW's television adaption of the best-selling The A-List series.

Early lifeEdit

Sturridge was born in Lambeth, London, the son of director Charles Sturridge and actress Phoebe Nicholls, and a grandson of actor Anthony Nicholls and actress Faith Kent (née Heaslip). His maternal great-grandfather was photographer Horace Nicholls. Sturridge was educated at The Harrodian School and at Winchester College, but he quit before sitting his A levels. The eldest of three children, he has two younger siblings, brother Arthur and sister Matilda, both of whom followed him into theatre arts. Matilda Sturridge is presently an actress, and Arthur was an original cast member of School of Comedy, which has aired on E-4 after finding success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2011 Tom Sturridge began dating actress Sienna Miller and they are expecting their first child.



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