• Yoshi1001

    Dee Yooung

    November 16, 2012 by Yoshi1001

    Delia Young

    Daughter of well-known Music Scout 'Delia or Dee as her freinds call her is a 5"4, has a Model-Thin structure, Blue eyes, and the ability to hook-up with someone in less then 20 minutes!

    Her best friends include not only the "Sharpe-Shooter" Jackson sharpe's daugter Samantha Sharpe, and of course Camilla Sheppard one by one, the three dominate the halls of Beverly Hills High's very own "A-Llist" of course after the mysterious Anna Percy shows up Dee is starting to think "Does Ben have a new Girlfriend" in the 1st book "Admitting" to Anna that she is pregnant with Ben's baby.

    Dee along with Sam, Cammie, and ugh Anna see the world of High School Drama awaits them when they "Ditch" the seniors class trip to go to Las Vegas in "Back i…

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